White River 038Uinta Basin: An Unconventional Future

“The heart of the American West is being opened to energy development on a scale not seen in the past. ”


Oil Sands: Canadian Experience, Global Implications

“What can we in the United States learn from Canada’s experience with oil sands?”  


Wonders of Geology — iPad app

“I’ve learned that the view from above is a gift that deserves to be shared. I’d like to impart a sense of wonder, a tangible sense of the earth, an intimate knowledge of the land.”



An Introduction to Grand Canyon Geology

“The river’s stories are endless.  There will always be new explanations of the Canyon’s history, new interpretations of its layers.  What is essential is that we have been there to listen.”


The Geology of Capitol Reef National Park

“Time and distance are the dimensions of geology.  To study the geology of Capitol Reef is to consider the sum of an infinite number of small events.  It will grace the life of anyone with the will to walk and the heart to listen.”


The Geology of Denali National Park

“Denali.  The High One, will always be greater than the sum of my knowledge of its geology.  I watch dawn arrive, swirling like vapor along the northeast flank of the mountain, all pink and promising.”


An Introduction to the Geology of Death Valley

“Most visitors to Death Valley are a lot like the prospectors who combed this country a century ago –they don’t know just what they’re getting into, but they do know that it’s something big.”



Arizona: A View from Above

“Could there be a more refined joy? – warm air tumbling in torrents through the open window, wheeling across a brilliant clear sky, exploring Arizona.”



White Sands

“Dusk is a magical time amidst the dunes.  The sky is transformed by colors missing during the mid-day glare.  The sand unveils the soft curves and delicate surface textures that are obscured by the hot white light of noon.”


Dams and Rivers

“The river emerging from a dam is not the same river that entered it reservoir.  That new river may be hotter or colder.  Its daily discharge may vary wildly, while its seasonal pattern of high spring floods and low winter flow may be inhibited beyond recognition.”



Water, Earth, and Sky; The Colorado River Basin

“Since boyhood, I have been blessed with flying dreams: moments of perfect happiness, crystallized into the sudden ability to wish myself aloft.  I fly for any number of reasons — to get from one place to another, to explore geologic features, to photograph. I fly for the view, but mostly I fly for the vision.”


A Land in Motion; California’s San Andreas Fault

“I had thought that the San Andreas Fault would be more obvious, the grinding, growling interface between two great pieces of the earth’s crust, each moving its separate way.  Where was the fault?  Thump-thump.  What was that?  Finally I had arrived: the San Andreas.”


Floods, Droughts, and Climate Change

“If we are to understand why floods and droughts occur, we must begin with the air we breathe.  Climate is the fundamental link between the two.”



The Mountains Know Arizona

“I’m surprised again by how fresh the world looks when I’m here on my own, peering at a dew-dropped lupine, squinting through a juniper at sunset.  I needed to meet these mountains on their own terms – aspens on Escudilla in October, poppies around Stewart Mountain in March, snow blowing over the San Francisco Peaks in January.”


Sculpted by Ice; Glaciers and the Alaska Landscape

“A glacier is a glacier, right?  Just a big block of ice.  Wrong.  You got your warm glaciers and your cold glaciers.  You got your glaciers in mountains and your glaciers in valleys.  Each type of glacier forms, behaves, and melts in its own rhythm.”


Over the Mountains

“Mountains have stories to tell. They could be about our human presence measured in centuries or a few millennia.  Or the stories could be about the earth itself, extending so far back into the past that their origins commingle with the very beginnings of time. To hear these stories, we have to learn a new language called geology, one spoken by rocks and interpreted by science.”


Over the Rivers

“Rivers flow from the mountains to the sea.  Nothing could be simpler; nothing could be more complex.”



Over the Coasts

“No other environment varies as rapidly or continuously as the coast.  Waves redefine beaches second by second.  Tides roll the boundary between land and sea back and forth between their fingers every day.  Since the ice ages, sea levels  have risen and fallen by hundreds of feet, as if the oceans were breathing in and then out.”


The Melting Edge

“Alaska is vast, and much of it is unspoiled, but change is on the wind. Arctic seas and Alaskan landscapes are warming faster than anywhere else in theAmericas. One hears of polar bears starving on a crumbling ice cap. Millions of forest acres are burned or beetle-killed as temperatures rise and moisture shifts. Alaska lies squarely in the crosshairs of climate change.”



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     Represented in the permanent collections of
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           Museum of Northern Arizona; Flagstaff, AZ

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